Monday, May 26, 2008

50 Word Review: Such a Pretty Fat or Why Pie Is Not the Answer

The Book:

Such a Pretty Fat or Why Pie Is Not the Answer

By Jen Lancaster

The 50 Word Review:

I am not sure why I like a book that makes me want to go out and exercise, but I do. Perhaps because it also contains such lines as "I'm not lazy. I'm simply judicious about excess movement."

Monday, May 5, 2008

Horsies and Feetsies

Last Friday, there was a prescient article about the breeding of horses for racing in the Wall Street Journal:
Like hemophilia in the Russian royal family, Native Dancer's line has a tragic flaw. Thanks in part to heavily muscled legs and a violent, herky-jerky running style, Native Dancer and his descendants have had trouble with their feet. Injuries have cut short the careers of several of his most famous kin, most notably Barbaro, a great-great-great-grandson who was injured during the Preakness Stakes and was later put to death.
I haven't seen the article (or its timely publishing) mentioned anywhere else, so I thought I would.