Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 Random Facts About Notre Dame Football and Me

So, for those of you who are not obsessed with Facebook, all the cool/bored kids are posting 25 random facts about themselves. As it is the off-season, I don't feel the current need to comment on the numerous changes from the last presser, and I haven't posted in a few days, I figured I would present 25 Random Facts About Notre Dame Football and Me.

1. I have not been a Notre Dame football fan my entire life. I used to live in a world where college football was the horrible television show that came on after my Saturday morning cartoons in the fall, thus disturbing my Shirt Tales and Muppet Babies. After those childhood days, the next time I paid much attention to college football was when Northwestern beat Notre Dame en route to the Rose Bowl. This is what happens when you grow up in a house where your dad went to Northwestern - you end up a pro football fan, solely because the other option is horrible.

2. When I went to college, the two schools I ended up deciding between were Northwestern and Notre Dame. I sometimes wonder whether a different result in that aforementioned game would have resulted in me attending Notre Dame instead of Northwestern as an undergraduate.

3. I managed to get my football priorities straight by law school, and only applied to Notre Dame. I was an early commit to the ND Law Class of 2006.

4. My first year of law school, my football seats were two rows up from the field. The juniors who sat in the row ahead of us were some of the most obnoxious fans ever. Turns out, they were friends of my little sister (also a junior Domer), who was on study abroad that semester and could not inform me of this fact. This obnoxiousness was made up for a couple years ago at Mardi Gras, when one of the obnoxious guys took us to a crawfish boil (we ran into him completely randomly). But I did call the guy out on his obnoxious behavior at the games while at this crawfish boil (which, at this point, were several years in the past). I'm such a great guest!

5. Once it was finished, I used to drive by the Gug every morning on my way to law school in the hopes of running into Charlie. I never did.

6. I did, however, nearly get run over by Ty one morning on my walk into the law school. If I had, at least someone who loves Notre Dame would have been getting some of that salary ND had to keep paying him.

7. I used to make fun of those ND alumni who would wander campus on the Thursdays and Fridays before football games, with goofy, happy smiles on their faces. I am so one of them now.

8. I am psyched about getting to spend Halloween in San Antonio for the Washington State game, because it is going to be great fun. And I don't care what you think about the whole situation, as I'll be enjoying my margarita on the Riverwalk while you bitch and moan on the interwebs from somewhere cold. Guess who will be having a better time?

9. Still haven't watched the end of the 2005 USC game since I saw it in person. At this point, I may never watch it. Of course, if you read this blog with any regularity, you already know that. I'm kind of obsessed with this.

10. I was close enough to the sprinklers at the Pitt game this last year to have to back up to stay dry.

11. The sprinklers were still overshadowed in my mind by Bon Jovi. I have had a crush on him since I was seven years old.

12. I took a guy to the Pitt game. I don't think he appreciated the joy I showed for the appearance of Bon Jovi.

13. I love the Blue Gold game.

14. OK, what I really love about the Blue Gold game is tailgating for it. It's the one time during the year that I get a spot right outside the stadium.

15. I have never actually seen an entire Blue Gold game. See #14 for the reason behind this.

16. I wish I knew more about the history of Notre Dame football.

17. I calendar Charlie's press conferences, because I don't want to miss them.

18. One of my favorite moments at a football game was at the 2006 UCLA game. My seats were on the goal line where Samardzija scored, but that wasn't the best part. The best part was the two UCLA guys behind me, who were gloating about the win prior to the game actually ending. They were much quieter post-Samardzija score.

19. At the Blue Gold game a couple years ago, I changed the ringtone for one of my guy friends to "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias (there was alcohol involved). This friend is not Brady Quinn, nor does he resemble Brady Quinn. Actually, I have no idea why we did this, but it probably has something to do with the aforementioned alcohol consumption.

20. Sometimes I wonder how many times I have seen the movie Rudy. Then I realize that if I knew the number, I would probably be horrified. So I stop wondering.

21. Every time I watch them, I cry at Rudy and Knute Rockne: All American. But I'm a chick, so it's OK.

22. I judge guys on their favorite college football teams. Obviously, fans of Notre Dame football are the gold standard against which all others are judged.

23. Phrase I utter most during professional football games? "Did you know that [insert name of player here] went to Notre Dame?"

24. Sometimes I miss sitting in the student section. Then I remember how little "sitting" was involved in the student section, and appreciate my wooden bench.

25. I love Notre Dame football.