Thursday, March 20, 2008

The "What Else Am I Doing?" Live Blog - Part II

Back! I'll be watching the K-State - USC game, followed by Notre Dame - George Mason.

6:14 - Kansas State 6 - USC 3 - I have Kansas State winning this game in my brackets. If only we could end the game here.

6:30 - Kansas State 16 - USC 11 - I am not really paying much attention to the game. Which is a good thing, so long as K-State is winning.

6:44 - Other - The other games are, at this point, much more interesting. Perhaps I should switch over to the computer to watch.

7:01 - Kansas State 37 - USC 27 - Up by ten at half? I am running to the store. I need sustenance.

7:40 - Kansas State 47 - USC 48 - O.J. Mayo just scored for the USC lead. As he only needs six credits to be eligible to play, I was wondering what those six credits might be. I like to think that he is following in the steps of that other recent USC attendee, Matt Leinart, in taking ballroom dancing. Of course, with the number of athletes on Dancing with the Stars, perhaps ballroom dancing is a legitimate class for an athlete to take.

9:28 - Notre Dame 33 - George Mason 21 - It's the half, and I have realized that I cannot watch Notre Dame and do anything else. I am far too caught up in the game. So, I am done for now. Night!

The "What Else Am I Doing?" Live Blog - Part I

Really, why not? What else am I doing? This probably won't include many updates, as I will most likely get bored of it in a few minutes and go back to, um, watching the games without doing anything else.

12:45 - Georgia 46 - Xavier 36 - According to the latest CBS graphic, the last time a 14 seed beat a 3 seed was when Northwestern State beat Iowa in 1993. The announcer felt compelled to point out that this was Northwestern State, not Northwestern. As a Northwestern alum, I feel compelled to point out that it would be impossible for Northwestern to have upset a 3 seed, as Northwestern has never actually been to the tournament.

1:03 - Georgia 49 - Xavier 52 - Xavier takes the lead. Instead of getting excited that this will help my bracket (I'm ignoring my predicted upset of Michigan State - what can I say, I have no respect for the Big Ten in basketball, and it's reflected in my brackets), I am wondering whether Uga comes to basketball games, or only football games.

1:09 - Georgia 49 - Xavier 52 - According to Wikipedia, in addition to attending every home and away football game, Uga travels to "many University-related functions." That did not answer my question. Uga does, however, travel in an air conditioned dog house, as bulldogs are susceptible to heat stroke. And, evidently, losing leads in the second half.

1:19 - Georgia 56 - Xavier 61 - That last post reminded me that I love college football so much more than college basketball. At this point on a fall Saturday, I would already be throwing things at the television (and not just because of the sad state of Notre Dame football). I just cannot muster that sort of enthusiasm for college basketball.

1:29 - Kentucky 0 - Marquette 0 - Really? Really? We're cutting in to the Georgia-Xavier game to show me this game? I thought I was being punished enough today by being forced to watch Wisconsin instead of Notre Dame. Once again, I thank CBS for its internet coverage of these games. Otherwise, the throwing of items at the television would have just started.

1:47 - Kentucky 10 - Marquette 12 - Fun Fact #1: I met Tom Crean, Marquette's coach, at the same event where I met Karl Rove.

1:55 - Kentucky 12 - Marquette 17 - Fun Fact #2: Wesley Matthews went to my high school. Go Memorial!

2:38 - Commercial Break - I realize I haven't posted anything in a bit. Really, that's probably in your best interest. I did make some popcorn, however.

3:00 - Commercial Break - I don't need any more Pete Carroll in my life. Who decided it that Pete Carroll, of all people, needed to be in a commercial? And why is this commercial ruining that one perfect aspect of the college football off-season (i.e., the part of the off-season where I get to avoid Pete Carroll?)?

3:11 - Kentucky 51 - Marquette 56 - Double dribble? Does that even count as a foul after middle school?

3:36 - Kentucky 63 - Marquette 66 - Exciting game here. Um...I really don't have anything else to say.

Break - It's time for a break for a bit. Back later.

CBS = Wonderful

Thank you, CBS, for playing all of today's basketball games online. If not for your generosity in putting EVERY game online, I would have to drive to Illinois to watch the Notre Dame game this evening. Instead, I will be able to enjoy a refreshing cold beverage while watching the game here in Wisconsin.

First the Price Is Right, now this. CBS, you are wonderful.

Reasons Why Unemployment Is Better Than Employment

Ability to watch sports, all day, everyday. Definitely the best thing about unemployment (yes, even better than being able to call my friends and ask them what they are doing while I watch television all day today. And even better than watching The Price Is Right everyday, hard to believe though it is).

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have some basketball to watch.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Real Men of Law School

These videos on various law school guys (based on the Real Men of Genius commercials) are so funny, and so, so true.

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Life Celebration Center

Coming home from work today, I saw a car advertising a local funeral home. That alone would have been worth mentioning, but then I saw the new, marketing-ized funeral home slogan:

"A Life Celebration Center"

Sunday, March 16, 2008

50 Word Review: The 158-Pound Marriage

The Book:

The 158-Pound Marriage

By John Irving

The Review:

Odd. Well-written (it's John Irving, of course it's well-written), but odd. Just odd.

Monday, March 10, 2008

50 Word Review: The Zookeeper's Wife

The Book:

The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story

By Diane Ackerman

The 50 Word Review:

Great story, told in a so-so manner. The book would have been immensely improved without the author's attempts to make a novel out of non-fiction, particularly since those attempts only distracted from the great story itself.


Back from a week in sunny Arizona at spring training, then a few days in very, very snowy Cleveland. Both trips afforded me time to read, so there will be a couple 50 Word Reviews up later tonight or tomorrow (although I have dinner plans and I am going to work tomorrow, so those may end up being later than I claim).

Saturday, March 1, 2008

50 Word Review: Remember Me?

The Book:

Remember Me?

By Sophie Kinsella

The 50 Word Review:

Amnesia? Really? I love Sophie Kinsella, but really, amnesia? I love Sophie Kinsella, but this book was just nowhere near as good as any of her other books, which leaves me wondering when I will get my next Shopaholic book.