Sunday, November 28, 2010


The last time I posted was on July 27, 2010 (which is obvious if you just look at the next post down, but I am a captain of stating the obvious, so I'm doing it).

It's not like I have some great excuse for not posting. While I did change jobs in that time period, I have had the time to post. I've had the good fortune to attend several games this season. I might have even had some stellar insight (though that's probably unlikely). What I haven't had is the motivation to post. Really, it has been like this for a couple years. I was just tired of losing, of not having hope that things were going to get any better. And the beginning of the season didn't help matters. It was easy for me to just ignore my blog, to find an excuse not to post. I couldn't build up the enthusiasm to even post links, as easy as that is.

But, after last night's win over USC (exactly four months after the day I last posted), that motivation is back. Thank you, Irish. See you in Orlando (or wherever) - and I can't wait to be there with you!

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